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 Dear Beloved Friends,

As September begins, summer starts to wind down, vacations are over, school has started and our lives tend to settle back into their normal routine. This is also the season when the church starts planning and dreaming about how we can change the world in 2023 and beyond. It is an exciting opportunity to think about all of the ways we can continue to be a vital church and focus on being the hands, feet and heart of Jesus Christ. Our community and our world are filled with needs that we can help provide for. Our combined congregation has so much love, energy and desire to help others and transform our broken world. God calls us in to action and we are eager and willing to respond.

Our leadership works very hard to look for these opportunities to make a difference, but we cannot do it alone. This is where everyone can get involved and live out their discipleship. September kicks off Stewardship Month. This is a time for each and everyone of us to look deep in our hearts and discern about how we can be a part of changing the lives of others. Stewardship encompasses 3 aspects of how we can give back to God, our time, our talents (gifts) and our treasures. Each one is important and can lead to serving others.

Time: How much time do we dedicate to God while helping others each week? How much additional time do we have to invest in God’s calling? These questions are personal and vary for each one of us. My challenge to you is to pray and discern these questions and listen to where God is calling you in to action to serve others.

Talents (Gifts): What are my Spiritual Gifts and how can I use them to build God’s kingdom? What are my learned talents that I can use to transform the world? God has uniquely gifted each one of us to prepare us to follow his calling. Also, during our lives, we have learned and worked hard on developing talents that can also be used to serve God. Again, prayerfully consider how you can use your gifts and talents in the service of others.

Treasures: Our treasures on earth do not define us. Financial success is not a bad thing, if it is gained for the right reasons. It costs money to keep the church going, we have expenses each month that need to be paid. I believe that our leadership does a good job of be economical on these expenses. The true excitement comes from what we can do with your pledges above and beyond our expenses. This is where we can make the greatest impact in serving those in need. Please prayerfully consider your financial giving to God and know that we are making a difference in our community.

When you consider Stewardship, please understand that the more you can give, the more God can use our loving Church Family to change the world. This applies to complete giving of time, talents and treasures. We are doing great work with God’s money, and I am excited for what the future has to offer. Thank you for all you are giving, it has made us a vital church, let’s give more and become even more vital!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ron

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